Children’s Books About Race, Diversity And Inclusion

Updated: Jul 20

Having a conversation with our kids about inclusion, diversity and love between all the races, will be a future changer. Race is very simple to address when kids notice a different skins color for first time. Racism is a lot harder to explain to them. We need more parents that talk with their children about race, and a good way is through African-American or other culture books. Here are 12 books that will help to have a conversation about race, racism, self-love and kindness. Encouraging them to accept themselves and be friend those who are different, showing that they don't have to look alike in order to have a relationship and most important than all, be kind with others.

Henry's Freedom Box

The World Needs More Purple People

Hair Love

I Am Enough

We're Different We're The Same

One Big Heart

It's OK To Be Different

All Are Welcome

Teach Your DragonAbout Diversity

Skin Like Mine

The Day You Begin


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