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Fostering Love

For anyone thinking about starting a journey into Foster Care my best advice is go for it! It may be tough job at times but the rewards are beyond measure.

There are nearly 500,000 children on a daily basis in foster care in the United States. On average, children remain in state care for nearly two years and six percent of children in foster care have languished there for five or more years. Most of this children have been abused, neglected, abandoned and faced tremendous obstacles.

Foster parenting is a powerful way to lift up the heads of children and youth, and show them that there is hope for the future.

All that they need is endless expressions of love, stability and protection. They need to feel safe and loved that’s what matters to them and will help them to heal their souls.

Foster kids can be very time consuming. They comes with built-in problems. Maybe they has been in several homes or has been removed from a bad family situation and this make them afraid, they need time for adjustments. But the difference that we can make on them can define and change their lives.

Children and youth can learn what it takes for families to be stable, abuse-free, and safe. Foster parents are the ones who can teach them this. Through these lessons, the hope is that they will grow up to provide security and safety for their children.

People who have experienced foster parenting live with the great sense of what is really going on in their communities. Their ability to humanize others, understand that everyone has a story, and appreciate their own upbringings are just a few of the great lessons learned while foster parenting.

There is no guarantees on Foster Care, the only fact is that LOVE supersedes and heal old wounds.

As a former foster mom, my best way to describe it … it’s a Worth Life Changing!