Harry and Meghan (MegXit)- Who Rule Your Path?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Year 2018, year when Meghan Markle moved to England to live with her prince Harry, and automatically started the beginning of a new whole discussion regarding her future. There were two types of questions about her decision and new life: It is she totally giving up to her actress career, and never going back to her Colonial-Style house in Los Angeles? It is Meghan ready to live under the royalty rules?

As a good husband to be , Harry convinced the world expressing his willingness to be the best support and to help Meghan in her adaptation to the Royalty life. Prince Harry once said: “I’ve tried to explain to her what life will be like, she’s looking forward to it”.

On May 19, 2018, when Harry and Meghan got married I remember myself watching the wedding and thinking: LET THE LOVE PREVAIL. While the couple were getting officially married surrounded of the top of the top royalty members and the most exclusive celebrities, there were a special guest giving an unique look to the bride: Meghan’s mom. A silent single mom with a notable expression of happiness and fear on her eyes, seated on a preferential bench at the St. Gorge’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle looking how her daughter was changing her life in an imaginable way.

Two years later it’s now Harry the one that it is giving up everything that he has known his whole life to embark a very different one, or maybe he is getting what he always wanted, who knows? What life have to them, it’s written and they are willing to live it together. Queen Elizabeth II alluded in her statement that she recognized the challenges they’ve had during the past 2 years and support their wish for an independent life.

I have to admit it is fascinating to watch them fighting for her independence and privacy but also my heart aches for them as a couple, just thinking about the hard conversations they’ve had regarding their decision and consequences. The best is yet to come… now they are living on their own terms and putting they family first.

For me they are Royalty Heroes who support the dreams of each other even when that means to give up a well known life. Love is about take risks, even when the future is uncertain. Their strong believing and tenancy on Independency, Love, Family leave us the best advise: Take Charge of your life and do what’s best for you , and only you.


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