JOMO- The Joy of Missing Out

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out, and being happy with where you are and what you’re doing. It’s finding the joy in taking a break, staying in, and socially disconnecting from the outside world. People experience JOMO in different ways and for different reasons. Just remember, it’s healthy to take the time to focus on yourself and your needs. Take a break from worrying about what others are doing or thinking.

JOMO allows us to live life in the slow lane, to appreciate human connections, to be intentional with our time, to practice saying “no,” to give ourselves “tech-free breaks,” and to give us permission to acknowledge where we are and to feel emotions, whether they are positive or negative. Instead of constantly trying to keep up with the Jones’, JOMO allows us to be who we are in the present moment, which is the secret to finding happiness. When you free up that competitive and anxious space in your brain, you have so much more time, energy and emotion to conquer your true priorities.

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