Kids Bedtime Routine

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Having a bedtime routine with your child can help them fall asleep, but also be helpful in their development and well-being. Routines are helpful, especially during times of changes.

There is no absolute right way to set up a bedtime routine. Some kids like to hear a bedtime story, others may want to talk about their day, and some may just want to say their prayers and go to sleep. As long as your child falls asleep easily and sleeps all night, then your bedtime routine is likely working well.

Going through a bedtime routine provides focused time for parents to nurture and interact with their child. Research suggests that important components of a bedtime routine for children 5 years and younger include:

Nutrition- breastfeeding, a bottle or a healthy snack

Hygiene- give them a warm bath

Communication- read and sing with your child

Physical Contact – cuddles, tickles, games, massages, rocking

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