Saving Money during COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The world could begin to change their spending habits in order to financially survive the economic fallout from this pandemic. With restaurants , retails stores and other nonessential business closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a big number of the world population is out of work.

  • Check out the list below on 11 ways to save money during the COVID-19 lock down.

  • Skip takeout and keep it simple when grocery shopping.

  • Cancel subscriptions that you don’t need

  • Ask for a discount to insurers providers

  • Keep your energy usage low

  • Rework vacation plans

  • Avoid retail therapy

  • Keep Fit for free

  • Take advantage of the aid programs

  • Defer loans payments, if possible

  • Transfer your credit card balance

  • Freeze your memberships

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