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The Weekend Before Christmas

Living away from my family and friends feels harder close to the Holidays. I'm a BIG fan of celebrations...BIG. I'm a fervent believer that life is about dates and memories. We have memories, we create new memories and we revisit them through our existence. Past weekend was the one before Christmas and I decided not to stay home, so I planned a trip to Napa and Sonoma wineries with my husband and son ( 6 years old). While we were on tastings and wineries having a lot of fun ( not too much for my son), the same thoughts came to my mind over and over; What are we going to do on Christmas Eve? How are we going to celebrate, if it is going to be just the three of us? Being out from our Island for 6 years, it was going to be the first time that we were going to spend Christmas Eve without a family visitor or without us visiting them, we even mentioned that on one of the conversations between cheese and wine. I confess I didn't want to be worried about my thoughts and just enjoy our weekend, so I took few minutes alone looking to one of the most gorgeous wineries on the area and told to my self... Life is about risks, consequences and opportunities, what we have today it was meant to be, this is our reality and we have to enjoy it.

Smiling I went back to my husband and said: I'm ready for the next flight of wines....If you guys are with me, I don't need anything else.

Two days later we went back home and had the Merriest Christmas Eve, we made dinner together, we prayed, we had a peaceful night full of love, laughs, old movies, good wine and new dreams.

Each day ours wishes and fears should be renewed with reality and hope. Happy Holidays!!

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