To You...Class of 2020

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Who would think that an external, unplanned, unexpected and not desired situation will change the 2020 graduations plans? 2020 an historical year, not just because we were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the year where all the world changed the way of living and how to coexist as human beings.

If we think on one thing that the COVID -19 pandemic brought to us, beside the insuperable lost of a big number of humans, was the uncertainty of the future, even if the future is as soon as the next day.

Life is about evolution and next steps; we live in a constant change. Every day big things are transformed and change the world we live in. COVID- 19 was not the exception, a virus that take lives, change and transform every single person and family that touch.

There is no way for a graduate, to not feel happiness, relief and pride for reach the milestone, the goal, the completion of one important and determinant step on their lives.

This is why this blog post is for you CLASS OF 2020, no matter what are circumstances that you are living right now, you are the light in the darkness, a way maker and we have our hopes on you, you are the future and I celebrate you.

2020 Graduates, you all made a big sacrifice and you did it to keep yourself and the community safe and healthy. The cancellation of a graduation does not define you; you are what you are not because the circumstances but because how you respond to changes. Now is the time to move forward and create your own history in the world. Showing to the future generations that all the sacrifices and hard work were worth it. There is nothing that you can do if you don’t put your heart and mind on it, and I trust you.

You started to lead finding a way in the middle of a world devastation due to a pandemic and that made a big difference, and you became powerful. Fearless steps and good decisions positioned you as a warrior.

It is the time to say, that what you lived this year was meant to be, was part of your process and most of all is part of your formation. You embraced new realities, tried new ways, stopped daily activities and became more humans, that is a real graduation that you should treasure on you heart.

You’ve earned your diploma, degree, your next step and there is always time to celebrate, each of us celebrate in different ways, I exhort you to celebrate your education with joy, with purpose and vision to continue changing the world.

Congrats Class of 2020!

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