Your Beverage Also Matters

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Beverages are an integral part of our lives and we select them every day for different reasons. Selections are based on your age, taste, hunger, energy, visual attraction, lifestyle and occasions. There are a lot of delicious beverage choices out there. But hidden under the foam or bubbles can be a lot of added sugar and calories. Best choices Water gives your body everything it needs to stay hydrated. Not only is it non-calorie, it’s often free.

For a little more flair, infuse your water with:

  • Sliced ginger, cucumber, or citrus fruits.

  • Crushed berries or mint.

If you enjoy carbonation, try a sparkling water instead of a soda. Coffee and tea, without all the added sweeteners, can be healthy choices too. Enjoy in moderation Drinks like diet sodas, fruit juices, and milk are usually okay to drink occasionally. Avoid Try to avoid sugary drinks like soda, and sports and energy drinks. They have a lot of added sugar, calories, or caffeine without any nutrients.

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