There Is No Other Like MOM…

There Is No Other Like MOM…

Mother’s Day: On a simple definition… day to praise all the mom’s out there trying to do their best for their family.

I’ve heard several times throughout my life: There is no other like MOTHER, and to be honest with you, I never stopped to think about it and validate that statement until now.

There are infinite ways to be a mom; as women, we are always the mom of someone; our kids, the husband, a friend, a sibling, a member of the family, a coworker, a neighbor, a pet, even the mom of our mom. It is a chromosome that we inherited in our DNA from generation to generation.

When we look back, all that has been done on our motherhood journey doesn’t matter how you became a mother; the outcome is the same; We give love, we are supportive, and we forgive repeatedly.

Being a mother is a mixture of love feelings with protective fears, and we want to do more and more every day to see them grow and say, you made it, I did my work, and the sacrifices were worth it.

There is no easy way to be a mom, and because of that, I’m very confident in saying that a perfect mom doesn’t exist. We survive, adjust, reinvent and start over again, and that is the way of how we improve our motherhood instincts and skills every day. Something important to remember: To be able to take care of anyone else, we need to take care of ourselves first, and that requires discipline, a good life balance, commitment, and self-love.

We all want to see our kids, and loved ones grow and conquer the world in how we dreamed and worked for them. Still, we need to work on ourselves and be as strongest as we can, holding tight to what life brings to us, believing in us and on them, helping them understand the rewards and struggles that they will affront.

MOMS-we are powerful, fearless, strong; we protect our loved ones like no other would do it, we multitask and stronger together.

Overall…to the ones that are, the ones that are trying to be, the ones that can’t, the ones that have that unique instinct, the ones that are doing the role without giving birth, the ones that decided not to be…YOU are doing a GREAT job.

To ALL of us that can create life, spread love, and establish solid human links…


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