Top Blogs For Women

Top Blogs for Women Can Help You Stop Doubting Yourself

Are you a working mom and want to know how to have a better work-personal life balance? It’s tough for many of us, to say the least. We want to get ahead in our careers and this means at least a 40-hour workweek in most instances. We also strive to be the great mom that our kids can talk to and really open up about what’s going on in school, with friends and more. Then, there’s the desire to be an awesome wife and have somewhat of a social life, on top of having time to yourself to relax and get in touch with who you are as a person again.
I want to write blog posts with tips for working women that will serve as a reminder that you ARE important to many people but that you shouldn’t have to feel pressure to always be “on” and be everything to everyone in your life. This is the case in your marriage, as a parent, in the workplace and with your circle of friends. Let go a bit of that image of who you should be and just live to BE! You’ll enjoy it all more and even if you aren’t helping out others as much as you’d like and it takes longer to see the results in terms of your career, it’s important that you do what needs to be done to lower your stress and have balance.
If you ever feel lonely and stressed and connect with something I write, feel free to contact me through the message form. I love to hear from readers and find out what you like, what you don’t like, and what I should include more of whether it’s tips for working women or something else entirely.